CA Foster & KinCare Network™

California Foster and Kincare Network Launch

I am so excited to announce the launch of the California Foster and Kincare Network (CFKN) pilot this week.   For those who missed it, the CFKN is a multi-agency system of individualized services that focus on the strengths and needs of foster and kincare youth herunterladen.  The CFKN services are developed through a team-planning process, where a team of individuals who are relevant to the well-being of these children -- such as family members, neighborhood and community partners, service providers, teachers, counselors, and even student peers -- collaboratively develop and implement an individualized plan of action to help students in their high school years and prepare for life after high school inventor 2018.

The CFKN is innovative and it will help California foster and kincare families connect to important resources, often through well-known and trusted service providers and community partners; this is incredibly important neue gifs herunterladen. Educate California serves as facilitator to guide the process.

Educate California is grateful to garner the support of the Max Factor Family Foundation who has joined us as the lead grantor in a shared journey of exploring the possibilities, discovering potential and putting financial support behind this important endeavor app windows 10en. The CFKN launch announcement is particularly timely given the incredible need of foster and kincare families to have access to services and to ensure those services are available.   Through the CFKN, Educate California and its partners will continue to send the message to foster and kincare youth and families: we are on your side herunterladen.

The learn more about the California Foster and Kincare Network, including how you access services or how you can become a partner please contact Eric Moore herunterladen.