1. LACOE Foster Youth Services

LACOEThe Los Angeles County Office of Education Foster Youth Services supports the academic needs of foster youth residing in group homes (licensed children’s institutions) and in foster care, those with foster family agencies and those in court-specified homes, by providing advocacy, connection to tutoring, mentoring, appropriate instruction and other support service.

A summary of the most important laws affecting foster and kincare youth and their families.

Download the FYS - High School Education Plan. Services also include Free Tutoring.

Alliance for Children’s Rights

AllianceThe Alliance for Children’s Rights' primary objective is to provide stability to foster children and those at risk of entering foster care by helping them obtain healthcare, educational services and financial support so that more of them reach permanency through adoption, legal guardianship or by returning safely to their biological families.

For those youth who do age out of the system without a family, we have built a core program designed to give this population the tools and guidance they need to live independently. The Foster Youth Education Toolkit is designed to assist school districts in meeting the promise of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), ensuring foster youth receive the full benefits of laws designed to protect them.

Alliance programs include:

CA College Pathways

CACollegePathCalifornia College Pathways provides resources and leadership to campuses and community organizations to help foster youth succeed at community colleges, vocational schools, and four-year universities. California College Pathways:­
  • • Supports campus networks of programs for foster youth
  • • Provides training and technical assistance for emerging and established campus programs
  • • Advocates for policies and regulations to improve higher education outcomes for foster youth
  • • Collaborates to create a more seamless pipeline to college for K-12 foster youth

CA Fostering Connections to Success

CAFosteringConnectionsWorking Together to Better Support Foster Youth and Relative Caregivers!

We are here to share information about the California Fostering Connections to Success Act. This law extended foster care to age 21 in California. Our goal is to ensure that extended foster care is implemented in a manner that improves outcomes for young people and offers them the opportunity to thrive in young adulthood.

CA Youth Crisis Line

CAYouthCrisisLineThe California Youth Crisis Line (CYCL) is a statewide, toll free, 24-hour, confidential Hotline available to teens and young adults ages 12-24 and/or any adults supporting youth. If you or someone you know is in crisis, don’t hesitate to call 1-800-843-5200. We can help.

CYCL is also an immediate, reliable and free link between youth and local services. We can help you find homeless youth shelters, youth-serving medical clinics, on-going counseling services and much more throughout California.

CA Youth Empowerment Network

CAYENThe California Youth Empowerment Network (CAYEN) was formed to develop, improve and strengthen the voice of Transition Age Youth (TAY) in local and state-level policy.

Our goal is to empower and inspire Transition Age Youth to create positive change in the mental health system. Through targeted advocacy, CAYEN supports TAY across the state to have a meaningful impact in the mental health policies that shape their lives.

Chafee Grant for Foster Youth

CAGovIf you are or were in foster care and have financial need, you may qualify for up to $5,000 a year for career and technical training or college. You don’t have to pay this money back. You may also be able to use your grant to help pay for child care, transportation and rent while you’re in school.

You can use your Chafee Grant at any eligible California college or university or career or technical school, as well as schools in other states.

CSU Foster Youth Programs

CSU-logoThe California State University (CSU), through collaborative efforts, provides a full range of services that support foster youth from their transition out of foster care or transfer from a community college to the CSU and through graduation. Learn more about the programs, financial aid, housing, support services and resources the CSU provides to emancipated youth and former and current foster youth.

This video is a tool for foster youth, caregivers, social workers and counselors to assist foster youth, emancipated youth and former foster youth in planning for college. CSU foster youth from throughout the state share their stories and recommendations on what has assisted them along their journey to college.

DCFS – Los Angeles County

Extraordinary Families

ExtFamiliesExtraordinaryFamilies is a leading nonprofit foster family, adoption and advocacy organization dedicated to improving the daily lives, and long-term outcomes of children impacted by child welfare, from newborn to young adults.

As a licensed foster care and adoption agency, we recruit, train, and support high-quality foster and adoptive homes for children removed from their families for abuse and neglect. We also implement policy and practice reforms in the child welfare system throughout Los Angeles County.

FAFSA Visual Guide

This “Visual Guide” is intended to compliment Part 3 of the Financial Aid Guide for California Foster Youth, found within pages 6-10, with screen shots of the actual FAFSA application and detailed instructions.

FOCUS on Foster Families App

FOCUSThe FOCUS on Foster Families app is designed to support foster youth and their caregivers. Through candid video interviews and online tools, FOCUS on Foster Families helps users improve their skills related to communication, emotional regulation, problem solving, and goal setting.

FOCUS is a program that teaches families to use five related skills to build on strengths and overcome challenges. These skills are problem-solving, goal setting, communication, emotional regulation and managing trauma and stress reminders.

Grandparents as Parents

GrandparentsAsParentsOver 600,000 California children and teens are living in homes not headed by their parents.

Grandparents as Parents’ (GAP) mission is to provide programs and services that meet the urgent and ongoing needs of grandparents and other relatives raising children at risk. We seek to positively impact that Third Generation and the grandparents and adults who love and care for them, so caregivers and children alike can grow and thrive.

We are a “ONE-STOP SHOP” for any relative caregiver, providing free of charge, community based programs, services and family-centered social activities.


iFosteriFoster is a free, members-only community for foster, adoptive and kinship communities; youth who have emancipated out of the system; and the organizations that support them.

iFoster provides 100s of Resources through partnerships with 100s of companies, government agencies and non-profits nationwide. Free and deeply discounted products and services are available to meet the biggest needs of our children and youth.

ILP Online

ILP OnlineBrought to you by the Los Angeles County Youth Development Services Division (YDSD) and Independent Living Program (ILP) Los Angeles.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive services and resources to help transition age youth (TAY) successfully transition from dependency to self sufficiency.

Kinship Care Services

KinCareSvcsIn collaboration with our departmental and community partners, Kinship Care Services’ mission is to provide information, resources, services and support to relative caregivers and their children to enhance the family unit promoting permanency, safety, and reduced reliance on detentions.

Know Before You Go

B4UGoLife can be hectic, scary, stressful and confusing. To survive and thrive you need to stay tuned into the people, places and services that can support you as you build your life outside of foster care. Know Before You Go (B4UGo) is the best way for current and former foster youth in L.A. County to stay connected.

With a quick tap on your phone, you can be virtually linked to a lifeline of resources, tools, supports and advocates whether you are in Los Angeles, Lancaster, Long Beach or anywhere in the county.

LAUSD Foster Youth Achievement Program

LAUSD-1The mission of the Foster Youth Achievement Program is to provide comprehensive services to improve attendance, maximize educational achievement and social-emotional well-being for all youth in foster care.

The academic assessments conducted and interventions implemented by Foster Youth Counselors within the Foster Youth Achievement Program will serve to:

  • • Increase attendance rates
  • • Improve performance on state tests
  • • Increase graduation rates
  • • Reduce chronic absenteeism
  • • Reduce number of suspensions
  • • Reduce dropout rates


Aspiring college students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) face a unique set of challenges when looking at schools. Recent studies indicate that 3.5% of adults in the U.S. identify as LGBT. This small but important subset of the population, roughly equivalent to the population of New Jersey, must consider a school’s inclusion efforts, as well as their safety and support provisions for LGBT students.

This LGBTQ Youth site includes information on where to look for resources on campus, national support organizations, and even a list of LGBT-specific scholarship opportunities.

My Life, My Rights

PublicCounselWe believe all foster youth can achieve their dreams. The My Life, My Rights website is a guide to getting an education, getting a job, and getting on with your life after foster care. Get answers to common questions for foster youth. Learn about your rights and take charge of your future.

Public Counsel is a not-for-profit organization with more than 40 years experience helping young people achieve their dreams. We are not a government agency.

National Center for Youth Law

NCYLThe National Center for Youth Law (NCYL) creates lasting change for children in need. We are a non-profit organization that uses the law to ensure that low-income children have the resources, support, and opportunities they need for a fair start in life. We work to ensure that public agencies created to protect and care for children do so effectively.

Project Foster Youth Scholarships

CYCProject Foster Youth College Scholarships are unrestricted $600.00 grants paid directly to foster youth to use for whatever they need to pursue their college studies. The scholarships are made possible by donors from all over California and beyond who recognize the resilience, hard work, and worthy goals of foster youth like you who seek to obtain a college education.
Application Due: April 1

Step Up

StepUpRelative caregivers are the backbone of our child welfare system.

Grandparents alone care for more than 2.5 million children, and in California, 36% of foster children are placed with relatives. In Los Angeles County, that number jumps to 43%. Relative foster placements are also legally prioritized, more cost effective and tend to lead to more long term placement stability. Yet, California’s child welfare system has historically provided inadequate information, training and funding to kinship families.

The Step Up Coalition is working hard to implement newly enacted reforms while continuing to pursue additional legislation to achieve full equity. Learn more about Kinship Foster Care here.

UC Foster Youth Services

UCAll University of California campuses are committed to helping current and former foster youth successfully transition to the university. Various campus programs offer guidance and counseling, academic advising, housing, financial aid, and other support services that may include:

  • • Orientation to university life
  • • Student employment opportunities
  • • Assistance with financial aid applications
  • • Life skills counseling
  • • Career planning
  • • Priority class registration


Additionally, UC will waive the $70 application fee for up to four campuses for low-income students. You can apply for a fee waiver within the online application and be notified immediately whether you have qualified.